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HHSC 155
Human Anatomy & Phys I
HHSC 156
Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab
HHSC 170
Personal Health
HHSC 190
Medical Terminology & Seminar
HHSC 230
HHSC 255
Human Anatomy & Phys II
HHSC 256
Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab
HHSC 278
Science, Nutrition, & Health
HHSC 320
Obesity and Behavior
HHSC 321
Obesity and Behavior Lab
HHSC 322
Public Health
HHSC 330
Medical Nutrition Therapy
HHSC 335
Global Nutrition
HHSC 342
Peer Health Education
HHSC 344
Global and Community Health
HHSC 350
Exercise for Special Populatns
HHSC 360
Upper Extremity Eval
HHSC 361
Lower Extremity Evaluation
HHSC 375
Sci Prin Strnth/Cndtioning
HHSC 376
Strngth Physlgy Asses Lab
HHSC 380
HHSC 398
SS: Science of Ergogenic Aids
HHSC 412
Admin in Sports Med
HHSC 420
Chronc Disease/Injry Epidemlgy
HHSC 430
Advanced Nutrition
HHSC 434
HHSC 460
Therapeutc Mdalities Sprts Med
HHSC 461
Therapeutic Rehab in Sprts Med
HHSC 466
Therapeutic Modalities Lab
HHSC 475
Exercise Physiology
HHSC 476
Exercise Physiology Lab
HHSC 480
HHSC 481
Biomechanics Lab
HHSC 490
Health & Human Sciences Tchng
HHSC 495
Allied Health Internship
HHSC 497
Allied Health Internship II
HHSC 498
SS:Health Srvcs Margnlzd Pops
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