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ENG 111 - English Composition I

Focus on all aspects of reading and writing, with particular attention to summary, critical responses to short texts, argumentative development in paragraphs and essays, and the rewriting process. Emphasis on organization, language, accuracy, grammar, and mechanics. Classroom instruction supplemented by individual conferences on drafts with instructor, library resources sessions, and appropriate use of available technology. Note: All students, unless exempted, must pass this course in fulfillment of the Common Core Requirement in English Composition. Students who take but do not pass this course should repeat it the following semester. Students who pass ENG 111 proceed to ENG 121 the following semester. Requirement Designation: Required Core - English Composition.
English Composition
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Spring 2023, Fall 2022, Spring 2022, Fall 2021, Spring 2021
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1 hour 40 minutes, 3 hours 30 minutes
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