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HIST 001
Time Travel: How to Make History
HIST 005
African Civilization
HIST 007
Technology in America's Industrial Age
HIST 008
Technology in Modern America
HIST 011
Building Traditional Europe: From The Romans To The Fracturi...
HIST 015
Three English Revolutions
HIST 021
Greek History
HIST 022
Roman History
HIST 025
Pirates of the Caribbean and Other Rogues of the Atlantic Wo...
HIST 041
The Making and Breaking of the United States
HIST 042
Big Dreams, Big Bucks, Big Trouble: United States, 1865-1941
HIST 043
The United States Since 1941
HIST 049
The True Road to El Dorado: Colonial Latin America
HIST 050
Heroes, Dictators, and Revolutionaries: Latin America since...
HIST 075
Chinese Civilization
HIST 090
Black Radical Thought
HIST 095
Empire, War, and Resistance in the Middle East
HIST 096
Understanding Hong Kong
HIST 097
Illicit Sex in America
HIST 098
American Rebellions, Revolutions, and Republics
HIST 101
Histories of Globalization
HIST 105
Sports In Modern America
HIST 107
Technology and World History
HIST 110
American Military History
HIST 117
Pioneering Women: Women in Science, Medicine and Engineering
HIST 118
History of Modern Medicine
HIST 120
Revolutionary America
HIST 124
Women in America
HIST 125
Does Sex have a History? The History of Sexuality in the Uni...
HIST 130
African American History
HIST 136
Era of the Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 149
Narcos: The Global Drug Wars
HIST 154
The Holocaust: History and Meaning
HIST 170
The Last Samurai
HIST 176
Keeping Africa and Africans Healthy: A History of Illness an...
HIST 195
The 1970s: Stayin' Alive
HIST 196
How Black Women Made Modern America
HIST 197
Keeping Africa and Africans Healthy: A History of Illness an...
HIST 198
Modern Chinese Civilization
HIST 202
Historical Research: From Alexander Hamilton To Bleeding Kan...
HIST 298
Traditional Chinese Medicine: Historical Perspectives
HIST 302
The Capstone Experience
HIST 303
Topics In History: The American Civil War
HIST 305
Public History
HIST 306
Internship in Public History
HIST 315
American Environmental History
HIST 319
Colonial America
HIST 320
History of North American Indians
HIST 329
Global Africa: Aid, Volunteerism, Ngo's And International St...
HIST 336
Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley
HIST 337
History and Community Memory
HIST 338
Techniques in Public History
HIST 340
Japanese Industrialization
HIST 348
The British Empire and the Modern World
HIST 351
"The Gangs of New York"
HIST 352
History of Total War
HIST 354
History of Fascism
HIST 367
Rise and Fall of the Old South
HIST 371
Independent Study
HIST 373
The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 391
Honors Thesis in History
HIST 392
Honors Thesis in History
HIST 395
Leaving Home: Migrants and Refugees of the Middle East
HIST 396
Documentary Film and History
HIST 397
Countercultures in American History
HIST 401
Historical Research
HIST 404
Readings in the History of the Atlantic World, 1500-1900
HIST 421
Readings in Topics in the Atlantic World
HIST 438
Techniques in Public History
HIST 442
Readings in Twentieth Century American History
HIST 447
Readings In European History
HIST 448
Land Use, Growth Management, and the Politics of Sprawl
HIST 458
Readings In Gender History
HIST 471
Special Topics in History
HIST 472
Special Topics in History
HIST 473
Special Topics in History
HIST 482
Readings In African-American Women's History
HIST 490
HIST 495
Readings in Modern European History
HIST 499
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