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SPANISH 002 - Elementary Spanish II

Students continue to practice authentic language in communicative contexts and increase their listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency. Upon successful completion of this course students are able to describe and narrate past real-life events, give commands and recommendations, talk about health issues, understand more complex conversations and readings, and write with more accuracy and detail. Students expand their awareness of the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. Credit is given for 2 or Spanish 35, but not for both. Prerequisite: Spanish 1 with a "C" or better, or language proficiency equivalent to two years of high-school Spanish. Class Notes: Due to COVID 19 pandemic, this class will be conducted remotely and online with SOME REQUIRED virtual scheduled meetings. Current schedule should be considered when selecting this class. Contact the instructor for more information specific to this class. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: SPANISH 1 or SPANISH 035. Requirement Designation: Meets IGETC 6A 3B CSU C2.
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