CULN 252 - Patisserie

CULN 252 includes the study of classical patisserie terms, safety and sanitation practices. Emphasis will be placed on hot, cold, and frozen desserts. Contemporary plated desserts, ice cream, sorbet, sherbets, yogurt-based ice cream, compotes and coulis will be introduced. Students will study the broad spectrum of classical and contemporary techniques and presentations in creating popular international desserts from France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Topics will include the use of Bavarian cream, ganache, buttercream, mousse filling, chocolate, puff pastry (pâté feuilletée), sugar dough (pâté sucrée) éclair paste (pâté à choux), ribbon cake (biscuit joconde), dacquoise, and other meringue products. The fundamentals of tempering chocolate will be introduced to create chocolate décor and filigree work. Ribbon cake and stencil work to complement dessert presentation will be utilized. Students will be introduced to hot and cold soufflés, French pastries, petits fours, and advanced cake decorating principles.
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