CULN 155 - Intermediate Baking

CULN 155 includes the study of international culinary terms, ingredient identification, and safety and sanitation practices. The science of lean and rich yeast dough products, flat breads and breakfast goods will be examined. Students will bake a wide variety of artisan breads made using prefermentâ??s with commercial yeast and wild yeast starters, from sourdough and multi-grain breads, French batards, Italian fougasse and focaccia as well as herb flavored breads to analyze the fine points of taste, texture, and appearance that distinguish fine breads from good breads. Students will expand their knowledge and their application to laminated dough products such as classical French puff pastry dough, croissants and Danish pastries. The molding of "non" yeast dough will be covered to create simple bread display pieces. Students will study techniques and presentations creating a variety of layer cakes, tortes, tarts, tartlets, buttercream and icings. A variety of international and popular American pies and baked custards desserts with emphasis on egg cookery will be covered. Students will continue with theories and skill development producing a variety friandises (fancy cookies) for retail sale, using different makeup techniques and evaluate finished product and presentation..
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