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CULN 111
Intro to the Culinary Industry
CULN 112
Sanitation and Safety
CULN 115
Menu Merchandising
CULN 120
Fundamentals of Cookery
CULN 130
Intermediate Cookery
CULN 150
Fundamentals of Baking
CULN 155
Intermediate Baking
CULN 160
Dining Room Service/Stewarding Procedures
CULN 207
Principles of Culinary Competition I
CULN 208
Principles of Culinary Competition II
CULN 221
Continental Cuisine
CULN 222
Asian/Pacific Cuisine
CULN 231
Food Innovation
CULN 240
Garde Manger
CULN 252
CULN 253
CULN 271
Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control
CULN 272
Hosp Purchasing & Cost Control
Hosp. Purchasing & CC Lab
CULN 310
Current Trends in the Culinary Industry
CULN 321
Contemporary Cuisines
CULN 322
Advanced Asian Cuisines
Special Culinary Topics: Food Science and the Modernist Cuis...
CULN 360
Beverage Service Management
CULN 380
Nutritional Cuisines
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