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ILS 2003
The American Dream
ILS 2010
Modern Identities: 20th Century Literature and Beyond
ILS 2015
Honors Seminar: Postcolonial Literature
ILS 2030
Groups, Organizations And Identity: Intercultural Communicat...
ILS 2090
The Working Life
ILS 2110
The Atomic Age
ILS 2120
Capital Punishment in America
ILS 2123
City as Text
ILS 2140
History of Science
ILS 2150
Introduction to American Studies
ILS 2180
Sexuality: Science/Culture/Law
ILS 2213
The Earth in Peril: A Literary and Scientific Analysis
ILS 2215
Honors Seminar: The Earth in Peril: A Literary and Scientifi...
ILS 2240
Knowledge and Evidence
ILS 2280
Science and Civilization
ILS 2305
Honors Seminar: Behavioral Economics
ILS 2320
Economics of Law and Order
ILS 2325
Economics of Sin
ILS 2330
The Good Life
ILS 2370
ILS 2385
Visual Literacy and the Sociology of Perception
ILS 2390
The XX Factor
ILS 2435
Leonardo da Vinci: Culture, Art and Math
ILS 2440
Logic, Reasoning and Nonsense: How to Tell the Difference
ILS 2450
The Mathematics of Art
ILS 4020
Keywords in Social Media
ILS 4070
Nostalgia, Memory and Hybrid Identity
ILS 4110
Capital Punishment in America
ILS 4115
Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Mythology
ILS 4120
Disease and Culture
ILS 4125
Honors Seminar: Shakespeare: Studies in the Politics of Perf...
ILS 4130
History of Digital Art
ILS 4133
How to Change the World
ILS 4140
The Legal Imagination
ILS 4150
Making Monsters: Science, Lit-Crit And The Man-Made Monster
ILS 4170
Passion, Power and Principle: Lessons at Play in Shakespeare
ILS 4176
Sports in Film and Literature
ILS 4178
Studies In Nostalgia, Or The Way Things Never Were
ILS 4180
Things That Go Bump In the Night: An Interdisciplinary Appro...
ILS 4190
The Problem With Evil
ILS 4210
ILS 4270
Narragansett Bay
ILS 4302
Abuse of Power: Corruption in Contemporary Society
ILS 4320
(De)Constructing Race and Color
ILS 4330
Economic Explorations in American History
ILS 4340
Global Food Security and Leading Change Locally
ILS 4430
Explorations in Symmetry
ILS 4490
Statistics of Popular Culture
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