ENG 133 - Language and Justice

Fundamental to identity is language—the languages we speak, the language we use to describe ourselves, the language others apply to us. However, identity can be contested through choices of language. The language that we use shapes our thought and thus affects our attitudes toward the pursuit of justice. In this course we will unpack a number of justice-related issues and explore the ways that language gets used to do things in society, both to shape and to reflect how we think and how we respond to issues. You will go from this course into the rest of your college education with an ear attuned to how people deliver information to affect how you think and a sense of how to shape your language to advocate for justice. Enrollment Requirements: This section is open only to incoming freshman students in the Justice cohort. Eligible students must register for all of the following sections: ENG 133-FY26 ENG 101-FY26 If you believe you should be eligible, please contact SASP@jjay.cuny.edu Incoming Freshmen Only. Requirement Designation: Regular Liberal Arts.
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