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ENG 101
College Composition I: Exploration & Authorship-an Inquiry-b...
ENG 131
Self, Media, and Society
ENG 133
Language and Justice
ENG 195
English Language and Composition
ENG 201
Composition 2: Disciplinary Investigations-Exploring Writing...
ENG 212
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 215
Poetry Writing and Reading
ENG 216
Fiction Writing
ENG 221
Screenwriting for Film, Television, and Internet
ENG 233
News Reporting & Writing
ENG 235
Writing for Management, Business, and Public Administration
ENG 245
Creative Nonfiction
ENG 250
Writing for Legal Studies
ENG 255
Argument Writing
ENG 260
Grammar, Syntax, and Style: Writing for All Disciplines
ENG 261
Digital Video Production
ENG 285
Selected Topics in Writing
ENG 313
Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 316
Advanced Argument Writing and Response: Theory and Practice
ENG 320
Writing Workshop in Autobiography: An Eye on the Self
ENG 334
Intermediate News Reporting and Writing
ENG 350
Advanced Legal Writing: Advocacy and Oral Argument
ENG 363
Podcasting: Social Impact, Style, and Practice
ENG 380
Selected Topics in Creative Writing
ENG 385
Faculty Mentored Research Experience in English
ENG 389
Independent Study 300-level
ENG 392
Advanced Poetry
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