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PY530 469
Italian Diction
PY530 471
Russian Diction
PY530 473
Opera Literature
PY530 474
Opera Literature
PY530 475
English Diction
PY530 477
German Diction
PY530 483
French Diction
PY530 545
Graduate Diction Review
PY530 546
Graduate Diction Review II
PY530 579
Vocal Chamber Music
PY530 589
Vocal Lit 1: Eng/Ital
PY530 590
Vocal Lit 2: German/French
PY530 617
Singing Bach
PY530 671
Operas Of Mozart
PY530 672
Operas Of Verdi
PY530 679
Advanced French Airs and Melodies
PY530 683
Vocal Pedagogy
PY530 684
Vocal Pedagogy Lab
PY530 686
Bel Canto Opera
PY530 687
PY530 691
Music Vce 20th/21st Cen
PY530 695
Advanced Lieder Studies
PY530 696
Advanced Lieder Studies II
PY530 701
Voice Recital (UG)
PY530 721
Voice Recital (GR 1)
PY530 722
Voice Recital (GR 2)
PY530 723
Voice Recital (GR 3)
PY530 724
Voice Recital (AD 4)
PY530 725
Voice Recital (DMA Concerto)
PY530 726
Voice Recital (DMA Chamber)
PY530 727
Voice Recital (DMA Lecture)
PY530 999
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