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EN540 671 - Advanced Thermodynamics in Practice

In this course, we will discuss the important role that thermodynamics plays in chemical engineering practice. After a short review of the first and second laws, we will examine how thermodynamic concepts affect mass and energy balances. We will discuss the properties of systems containing pure species and mixtures and how to analyze the behavior of ideal and real systems. We will estimate heat effects associated with temperature change, phase change, and chemical reaction. The theory associated with properties of pure fluids will be discussed along its application to flow processes. We will present the framework for understanding solution thermodynamics and mixing. Applications of thermodynamics especially important to chemical engineers, such as vapor-liquid equilibrium in distillation and chemical reaction equilibrium in kinetics and reaction engineering, will be discussed. Examples will serve to illustrate how thermodynamic calculations are an integral part of the design and optimization of chemical processes.
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