EN540 452 - Eukaryotic Cell Biotechnology

This course involves integrated lecture/discussion and laboratory components to review and participate in current and emerging topics involving eukaryotic biotechnology. Lectures and discussions review how fundamentals of biochemical kinetics and biomolecular engineering are connected to emerging problems in mammalian, algal, and stem cell biotechnology. Laboratory activities are connected to diverse scientific and technological fundamental topics on these same themes. Journal article and research presentations provide a context for laboratory activities with respect to emerging industrial applications for eukaryotic cell types. Research design and strategy is discussed in terms of its ultimate implementation in laboratory, pilot plant, and eventually manufacturing facilities. Methodologies implemented include cell and metabolic engineering for improving yields and production rates of proteins, cells, and tissues. Example topics include expansion of mammalian, stem cells, and algae for the production of membrane proteins, biologics, biofuels, and complex metabolites. Consent of instructor only.
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