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EN525 201
Circuits, Devices and Fields
EN525 202
Signals and Systems
EN525 605
Intermediate Electromagnetics
EN525 608
Next Generation Telecommunications
EN525 609
Continuous Control Systems
EN525 612
Computer Architecture
EN525 613
Fourier Techniques in Optics
EN525 614
Probability & Stochastic Processes for Engineers
EN525 615
Embedded Microprocessor Systems
EN525 616
Communication Systems Engineering
EN525 618
Antenna Systems
EN525 620
Electromag Transmission Systems
EN525 621
Intro to Electronics, Solid State I
EN525 623
Principles of Microwave Circuits
EN525 624
Analog Electronic Circuit Design
EN525 625
Laser Fundamentals
EN525 627
Digital Signal Processing
EN525 630
Digital Signal Processing Lab
EN525 631
Adaptive Signal Processing
EN525 634
High Speed Digital Design
EN525 636
Optics & Photonics Lab
EN525 638
Introduction to Wireless Technology
EN525 640
Satellite Communications Systems
EN525 642
FPGA Design Using VHDL
EN525 645
Modern Navigation Systems
EN525 648
Introduction to Radar Systems
EN525 651
Introduction to Electric Power Systems
EN525 654
Communications Circuits Lab
EN525 658
Digital VLSI System Design
EN525 659
Mixed-Mode VLSI Circuit Design
EN525 661
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems and Control
EN525 670
Machine Learning for Signal Processing
EN525 684
Microwave Systems & Receiver Design
EN525 691
Fundamentals of Photonics
EN525 707
Error Control Coding
EN525 718
Multirate Signal Processing
EN525 721
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EN525 722
Wireless and Mobile Cellular Communications
EN525 724
Introduction to Pattern Recognition
EN525 725
Power Electronics
EN525 728
Detection & Estimation Theory
EN525 732
Advanced Analog Electronic Circuit Design
EN525 733
Deep Vision
EN525 735
MIMO Wireless Communications
EN525 742
System-on-a-Chip FPGA Design Laboratory
EN525 743
Embedded Systems Development Lab
EN525 744
Passive Emitter Geo-Location
EN525 745
Applied Kalman Filtering
EN525 746
Image Engineering
EN525 747
Speech Processing
EN525 748
Synthetic Aperture Radar
EN525 751
Software Radio for Wireless Communications
EN525 752
Digital Receiver Synchronization Techniques
EN525 753
Laser Systems and Applications
EN525 754
Wireless Communication Circuits
EN525 759
Image Compression,Packet Video
EN525 762
Signal Processing with Wavelets
EN525 771
Propagation of Radio Waves in the Atmosphere
EN525 774
RF & Microwave Circuits I
EN525 775
RF & Microwave Circuits II
EN525 776
Information Theory
EN525 777
Control System Design Methods
EN525 779
RF Integrated Circuits
EN525 780
Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing
EN525 783
Spread Spectrum Communications
EN525 786
Human Robotics Interaction
EN525 787
MMIC Design
EN525 789
Digital Satellite Communications
EN525 790
RF Power Amplifier Design Techniques
EN525 801
Special Project I
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