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AS270 381 - Seminar in Field Geology

Field experience is an integral part of a geology student’s education. During this course, students will spend over a week outdoors, learning to make observations that can be used to interpret the geologic history and structure of natural environments. This course is a spring break field course that will focus on different topics each year. For Spring 2019, the focus of the trip will be on applying concepts and techniques covered in Dynamic Earth (AS.270.220/1), Sedimentary Geology (AS.270.350), and Earth History (AS.270.303). Students will also learn about the different tectonic events that have shaped the landscape that we see today in the western United States. The class is designed for upper level E&PS majors and first or second year E&PS graduate students. For logistical reasons, this class is capped at 10 students. Preference will be given to E&PS majors. Students will be camping during the field course and should be prepared to be hiking outside all day. In the case that obtaining personal field supplies (e.g., hiking boots, sleeping bags) is not possible through Homewood student affairs gear rentals and/or is a financial hardship, please contact the instructor. Any communication about this will be kept confidential. Mandatory class field trip: 9-day field trip to Esmeralda County, NV over spring break (3/16/18-3/24/18).
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