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INDD 101
Design 1 for Industrial Dsgn
INDD 102
Design 2: Industrial Design
INDD 106
Materials & Processes Fab
INDD 201
Design 3: Industrial Design
INDD 202
Design 4: Industrial Design
INDD 203
Light Design Luminaires
INDD 204
Lighting Design As Pub Exp
INDD 205
Rendering for Indust Design
INDD 207
Mats & Proc: Manufacturing
INDD 210
Ergonomic Studies
INDD 301
Design 5: Industrial Design
Design 6: Industrial Design
INDD 304
Design History/Theory
INDD 307
Adv Matrls & Processes Manufac
INDD 324
Hst Design, Communctn
INDD 371
Soft Goods Development
INDD 381
Design 7: Industrial Design
Design 8: ID Capstone
INDD 700
Research & Desn Process Meths
INDD 701
Design Bus & Entrepreneurship
INDD 703
User Centered Design
INDD 705
Collaborative Innovatn Studio
INDD 707
Current Issues in Ind Dsg
INDD 803
Master's Proj I:Implementatn
INDD 804
Master's Proj II: Dev & Eval
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