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HS 197
Sptp:Women Contemporary World
HS 201
World Civilization To 1600
HS 202
World Civilization(Since 1500)
HS 205
Women In Ancient Greece&Rome
HS 211
History Of The United States To 1877
HS 212
History Of The U.S. From 1877
HS 216
The Spanish Armada
HS 217
Prophecy And Order
HS 218
Saints And Scoundrels: The Jesuits From Renaissance To Revol...
HS 220
Revolutionary Europe (Hnrs)
HS 221
15Th Century England
HS 222
15Th Century England
HS 225
World War I & Modernity
HS 229
The Cold War
HS 230
Human Rights (Hnrs)
HS 237
Hist Of Med In America (Hnrs)
HS 238
Environmental History Of U.S.
HS 240
Spiritual Awakenings In Early America
HS 242
Introduction To Women In The Contemporary World
HS 245
United States Foreign Relations
HS 253
The Old South
HS 257
U.S. Military History
HS 260
Childhood In America
HS 262
Sexuality In America
HS 263
Italian History, 1914-1957
HS 264
World War II
HS 265
Vietnam War
HS 271
World Geography
HS 272
Introduction To Latin American History And Culture
HS 277
The Empire Of Paper: The Spanish Colonial Experience Through...
HS 279
Pre-Modrn East Asian History
HS 280
Modern East Asian History
HS 281
Contemp East Asian History
HS 283
Japanese Popular Culture
HS 285
African History Through Autobiography
HS 295A
Sp Tp: Gettysburg Tour
HS 295B
Sptp: Antietam Tour
HS 296A
Sp Tp:Supernatural In West Civ
HS 296
Sp Tp: Crime&Vice In Vctn Lndn
HS 296B
Sptp: Italian History
HS 297
Sp Tp: Japan In Crisis
HS 300
Historical Methods
HS 301
Topics In Ancient Greek History
HS 302
Hist: Pwr & Identity Rom Repub
HS 305
Rome:City Of Saints, Emperors
HS 307
History Of The Popes
HS 318
History And Memory
HS 326
Twentieth-Century Europe
HS 330
Imperialism And Decolonization
HS 332
Berlin: From Reich To Republic
HS 336
The Holocaust
HS 340
Abraham Lincoln
HS 343
Slavery & Abolition
HS 372
Race & Gender In Latin America
HS 381
Japanese History
HS 382
Chinese History
HS 395
Special Topics: The Old South
HS 396
Sp Tp:Revolutionary Europe
HS 397A
Sp Tp: Women & Catholic Church
HS 412
Reformation Europe
HS 414
The Catholic Experience
HS 417
French Revolution & Napoleon
HS 432
American Revolutionary Era
HS 438
The Civil War & Reconstruction
HS 444
United States Constitutional History
HS 453
Modern Chinese History
HS 464
Genocide And War Crimes
HS 473
Nazi Germany:Orig,Strct,Consqn
HS 490
Senior Seminar
HS 491
Senior Thesis
HS 496
Special Topics: Berlin
HS 497
Sptp: In The Name Of The Incas
HS 498
HS 596B
Res Sem: Rome
HS 596C
Res Sem: French Revolution
HS 596
Research Sem: The Holocaust
HS 596A
Res Sem: Twentieth Century Eur
HS 597
Rsch Top:Women/Catholic Chrch
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