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ME 20000
Thermodynamics 1
ME 22501
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
ME 25001
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
ME 26201
Design, Ethics & Entrepreneurship
ME 27000
Basic Mechanics 1
ME 27200
Mechanics Of Materials
ME 27400
Basic Mechanics 2
ME 29500
Engineering Topics
ME 31002
Fundamentals Of Fluid Mechanics
ME 31401
Fundamentals Of Heat & Mass Transfer
ME 32501
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory III
ME 32600
Engineering Project Management
ME 32700
Engineering Economics
ME 33000
Modeling And Analysis Of Dynamic Systems
ME 34400
Intro To Engineering Materials
ME 35001
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IV
ME 37200
Design Of Mechanisms
ME 39700
Selected Topics In Mechanical Engineering
ME 40600
Robust Design, Standards And Contemporary Issues
ME 41400
Thermal-Fluid Systems Design
ME 42301
Introduction To Nanotechnology
ME 42501
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory V
ME 43300
Principles Of Turbomachinery - Purdue
ME 45310
Machine Design
ME 46200
Capstone Design
ME 47200
Advanced Mechanics Of Materials
ME 48200
Control System Analysis And Design
ME 49100
Engineering Projects
ME 49700
Mechanical Engineering Projects
ME 50000
Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 50101
Energy Assessment Of Industrial Processes
ME 50102
Energy Management Principles
ME 50103
Industrial Energy Assessment: Tools And Applications
ME 50105
Hybrid And Electric Transportation
ME 50400
Automotive Control
ME 50500
Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 50601
Design Optimization Methods
ME 50900
Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME 51000
Gas Dynamics
ME 52301
Nanosystems Principles
ME 53501
Introduction To Systems Engineering
ME 53502
Systems And Specialty Engineering
ME 54200
Introduction To Renewable Energy
ME 54600
Cad/Cam - Theory And Advanced Applications
ME 54800
Fuel Cell Science & Engineering
ME 55000
Advanced Stress Analysis
ME 55100
Finite Element Analysis
ME 55800
Composite Materials
ME 56200
Advanced Dynamics
ME 56300
Mechanical Vibrations
ME 56900
Mech Behavior Matls
ME 57201
Analysis And Design Of Robotic Manipulators
ME 57301
Air Pollution And Emission Control
ME 58100
Numberical Methods In Mechanical Engineering
ME 59700
Selected Topics In Mechanical Engineering
ME 60101
Computational Modeling Of Turbulence
ME 61400
Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 65100
Advanced Finite Element Method For Solids
ME 69700
Mechanical Engineering Projects
ME 69800
Research Ms Thesis
ME 69900
Research Phd Thesis
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