HERM 473 - Teaching Art In The Secondary Schools

Develops understanding and appreciation of teaching with emphasis on teaching art in the secondary schools. Includes advanced studies of curriculum and lesson planning, classroom organization, and management techniques. Class Notes: STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR M371 AND M401. FIELD EXPERIENCE WILL TAKE PLACE DURING CLASS TIME. PREREQUISITE: M371 This class meets the EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING standard of the IUPUI RISE Challenge (Research, International Study, Service and Experiential Learning). To learn more about the RISE Challenge, go to https://rise.iupui.edu/. Add Consent: Department Consent Required. Enrollment Requirements: Academic Plans: Art Education BAED or Ceramics BFA or Fine Arts BFA or Painting BFA or Photography BFA or Printmaking BFA or Sculpture BFA or Visual Communication BFA or Furniture BFA or Drawing and Illustration BFA or Integrative Studio Practice BFA.
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