PSYG 553 - Career Counseling Lab

This course provides the practical application of career counseling theories, techniques, and information resources with clients seeking services from within the university and in greater community. Under close supervision by faculty and/or staff, students will use objective and projective methods to assess the interests, skills, and values of these clients. Students will relate codes of ethical practice, understanding of sociocultural factors, understanding of maladaptive workplace behaviors, and knowledge of individual differences to individual career and lifestyle counseling cases. Class Notes: P: PSY-G 522, PSY-G 523, and PSY-G 552 (all with a minimum grade of B-) P: Admission to Masters in Mental Health Counseling program. Enrollment Requirements: (Admission into the Masters in Mental Health Counseling program) AND (PSY-G 522 with >=B-) AND (PSY-G 523 with >=B-) AND (PSY-G 552 with >=B-) OR (permission).
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