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DANC 1100
Ballet I
DANC 1104
World Dance Local Identity
DANC 1105
Survey of Dance
DANC 1107
Theatre and Dance Showcase
DANC 1110
Elements of Movement
DANC 1120
Jazz Dance I
DANC 1130
Modern Dance I
DANC 1141
Dance for Musical Theatre
DANC 1191
Dance Production
DANC 2200
Ballet II
DANC 2205
Dance in the Modern Era
DANC 2210
Dance Composition I
DANC 2220
Jazz Dance II
DANC 2230
Modern Dance II
DANC 2290
Contact Improvisation
DANC 2299
Yoga Flow
DANC 3300
Ballet III
DANC 3301
Performance and Society
DANC 3311
Theatre Movement Workshop
DANC 3320
Jazz Dance III
DANC 3330
Modern Dance III
DANC 3360
Methods of Dance for Children
DANC 3380
Dance Management and Production
DANC 3391
Dance Production
DANC 3399
Laban Movement Analysis
DANC 4401
Aesthetic Issues in Dance
DANC 4410
Dance Composition II
DANC 4460
Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design
DANC 4485
Independent Study in Dance
DANC 4499
Ballet IV
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