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CET 0110
Applied Mathematics I
CET 0111
Drawing with CAD
CET 0112
Beginning Survey
CET 0113
Civil and Geomatics Engineering Technology I
CET 0115A
Materials Testing I
CET 0120
Applied Mathematics II
CET 0121
Civil Engineering Technology Drafting
CET 0122
Intermediate Surveying and Spatial Analysis
CET 0125A
Materials Testing II
CET 0125
Materials Testing And Specifications II
CET 0216
Route Survey and GPS Fundamentals
CET 0225
Materials Testing And Specifications IV
CET 0226
Construction Surveying
CET 0227
Land Surveying Practices
CET 0228
Principles of GIS
CET 0230
Construction Inspection
CET 0231
Plan Reading and Specifications
CET 0232
Plan Reading and Worksite Safety
CET 0241
Public Works I:Water and Wastewater
CET 0242
Public Works II:Solid Waste, Road and Bridge, and Stormwater
CET 0243
Public Works
CET 0250
Unmanned Aerial Systems/Imagery Analysis
CET 0251
Introduction to Legal Descriptions
CET 0296
Independent Study
CET 0298
Special Topics
CET 0299
3D Scanning
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