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BT 0111
Applied Business Principles
BT 0112
Voice Recognition
BT 0115
BT 0116
Professional Leadership Development
BT 0117
Successful Workplace Communications
BT 0118
Mechanics of Business Writing
BT 0119
Business Communications
BT 0120
Basic Accounting
BT 0121
Digital Input and Transcription
BT 0123
Financial Business Applications
BT 0130
Building Your Brand for Small Businesses
BT 0135
Employees and HR Principles
BT 0141
BT 0144
Business Document Processing
BT 0145
Integrated Computer Applications
BT 0147
Accounting Applications
BT 0148
Payroll Procedures
BT 0154
Administrative Management
BT 0170
Computer Literacy and Business Software
BT 0171
Computerized Accounting
BT 0172
Digital Publishing
BT 0173
BT 0174
Records and Database Management
BT 0175
Harnessing Digital Data Using Spreadsheets and Databases
BT 0180
Designing Web Communications
BT 0181
Maintaining Digital Communications
BT 0220
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BT 0230
Marketing and Managing a Small Business
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