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CHM 11500 - General Chemistry

P: One year of high school chemistry in the past five years, or CHM 11100 with a C or higher in the past five years; P or C: MA 15400, 22700 or 22900. Required of all students majoring in biology, chemistry, and physics. Introduction to fundamental laws and principles of chemistry, including unit systems and unit conversions; precision evaluation; atomic theory; stoichiometry; symbols; formulas; equations; mass, mole, gas volume relationships; ideal gas law; thermochemistry; atomic structure; chemical periodicity; chemical bonds and their relation to physical properties; properties of the liquid and solid states. Numerical problems and relationships are introduced wherever quantitative treatment is possible.
GA32-Gen Ed A 3.2 Quant Reasng, GB4-Gen Ed B 4 Scien Knowing, Indiana Core Transfer Library, MSAS-ANS Math & Science Course, NSLA-Natural Science Lab (Edu)
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