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MCO 200
Introduction to Mass Communications
MCO 210
MCO 213
Public Relations
MCO 225
Broadcast Media
MCO 230
Digital Literacy & Practice
MCO 275
MCO 300
Media Law and Ethics
MCO 305
Advertising Strategy
MCO 311
Organizational Communication
MCO 313
Media Planning and Buying
MCO 317
Public Opinion Dynamics
MCO 321
Trends in Advertising
MCO 323
Digital Advertising
MCO 326
Race and Gender in Mass Communication
MCO 327
Digital Production: Studio & Field
MCO 329
Radio Production
MCO 330
Broadcast Journalism
MCO 335
The Creative Process in Advertising
MCO 337
On-Camera Presence, Voice and Diction
MCO 350
Writing for the Screen
MCO 370
Writing for Public Relations
MCO 377
Writing & Reporting for Multiplatform Journalism
MCO 378
Reporting for Multiplatform Journalism
MCO 387
Converged Magazine Production
MCO 393
Business and Financial Reporting and Writing
MCO 394
Advanced Reporting and Writing for Entertainment, Arts and C...
MCO 395
Writing and Visualizing Data for Journalism
MCO 397
Research Methods in Mass Communication
MCO 399
International Mass Communication
MCO 403
Advertising Campaigns
MCO 413
Publicity Campaigns
MCO 428
Digital Production Workshop
MCO 430
The Producer's Craft
MCO 431
Television Aesthetics & Criticism
MCO 432
Broadcast Newsroom
MCO 435
Sports Broadcasting and Production
MCO 478
Copy Editing
MCO 491
Independent Research in Mass Communication
MCO 496
Seminar in Mass Communication
MCO 498
Internship in Mass Communication
MCO 499
Special Topics in Mass Communications
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