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HST 101
Evolution of Western Civilization
HST 120
Timeless Issues in History
HST 201
Tradition and Modernity: The Challenges of the Non-Western W...
HST 207
Growth of the American Republic
HST 208
Emergence of Modern America
HST 301
The Study of History
HST 304
From Hamilton to Mickey Mouse: IP and Politics of Innovation...
HST 311
The American West
HST 319
America's Recent Past
HST 335
Development of American Foreign Relations
HST 336
American Foreign Relations in the Modern Age
HST 337
The Immigrant Experience
HST 345
The History of Violence
HST 355
The Soviet Experiment and Post-Soviet Successor States
HST 368
Europe in the Contemporary World
HST 370
Russia under the Romanovs (1613-1917)
HST 372
Eastern Europe under Communism and After
HST 385
The Modern Middle East: From the Rise of Nation States to IS...
HST 391
China: From Confuciianism to Communism
HST 392
Japan: From Ancient Myth to Constitutional Monarchy
HST 410
Seminar in History
HST 491
Special Topics in History
HST 495
HST 497
Capstone in History
HST 710
Historical Geography
HST 789
Africa in the Modern World
HST 861
Nationalism and Sectionalism: 1787-1877
HST 898
Culminating Experience
HST 982
HST 990
Special Topics in History
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