GER 150 - Beginning German Culture Through Conversation

Gradual development of the four language skills; comprehension, speaking, reading and writing, with an early introduction of excerpts from contemporary literary works. Introduction to German culture. Three hours of class instruction and one hour of laboratory drill. Credit only for students without previous German instruction. German 150 is an elementary level course highlighting the most important aspects in the development of the Germanic world, while honing students’ ability of expression in the target language. It will focus on the diversity of the German speaking world. The course will be taught with a flipped class method, where students will preview the grammar lessons as well as an introduction to the topic on-line before entering the class. Supplemental materials will be provided to initiate dialogue on the various topics. Class Notes: Some seats reserved for new incoming freshmen. Attempt registration to confirm seat availability. If "Reserved Capacity" message displays, please choose another section.
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