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FPA 105
Piano Instruction
FPA 200
Art Appreciation
FPA 202
Music Appreciation
FPA 203
Drawing and Painting I
FPA 205
Introduction to the Theatre, Theatre Foundations
FPA 209
Women in Music
FPA 211
Introduction to Sculpture
FPA 212
Art History: Prehistoric Era to the Middle Ages
FPA 213
Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art
FPA 220
Dance Appreciation
FPA 225
Theatre History: The Ancient Greek Theatre to The Renaissanc...
FPA 226
Theatre History: The Renaissance to the Modern Theatre
FPA 230
Introduction to Acting
FPA 234
Practical Music Experience
FPA 235
Music in Film and Video
FPA 236
History of Popular Music in America
FPA 237
Music in World Cultures
FPA 238
Music History: Medieval through Baroque
FPA 239
Music History: Classical through Modern
FPA 240
Introduction to World Dance Forms
FPA 244
Introduction to Ballet
FPA 245
Introduction to Choreography
FPA 246
Digital Photography and Imaging Manipulation
FPA 250
Modern Dance I
FPA 258
Music and Politics
FPA 260
Jazz Dance: From Roots to Hip Hop and Beyond
FPA 275
Women in Dance
FPA 304
Drawing and Painting II
FPA 340
Iona Dance Ensemble
FPA 359
Music Theory
FPA 360
Iona College Instrumental Ensemble
FPA 388
Iona College Vocal Ensemble
FPA 391
Iona College Theatre Ensemble
FPA 404
FPA Capstone Project
FPA 490
Special Topics in Art and Music
FPA 491
Special Topics in Fine & Performing Arts
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