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ENG 110
Introduction to Critical Writing
ENG 120
Communication Skills: Writing I
ENG 122
Communication Skills: Advanced Composition
ENG 203
Foundations and Traditions of Literature
ENG 204
Literature of the Modern World
ENG 212
Self and Society
ENG 213
ENG 214
New Worlds
ENG 308
Major Works of Shakespeare
ENG 313
ENG 314
Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG 315
New Contexts and Voices in Literary Studies
ENG 343
Irish Literature
ENG 352
Shifting Selves
ENG 353
Narratives of Violence
ENG 354
Playing at the Edges: Innovation and Non-Normativity
ENG 358
Advanced Writing : Strategies and Skills
ENG 362
Eugene O’Neill and his Influences
ENG 364
Modern American Theater
ENG 365
African American Literature
ENG 370
Contemporary American Fiction
ENG 378
Children's Literature
ENG 380
Literature for Young Adults
ENG 384
Images of Women in Modern American Literature
ENG 399
Linguistics and History of English Language
ENG 401
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
ENG 402
Medieval Literature
ENG 412
The Metaphysical Poets of the Seventeenth Century
ENG 416
Early American Literature
ENG 423
English Literature of the Eighteenth Century
ENG 432
The Victorian Age
ENG 443
Special Topics in World Literature
ENG 444
Post Colonial Literature
ENG 450
Creative Writing: Drama
ENG 451
Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 452
Creative Writing Fiction
ENG 454
Digital Age Writing, Reading and Living
ENG 467
Modern British and Commonwealth Poetry
ENG 470
Literature Seminar
ENG 480
Internship in English
ENG 499
Senior Seminar: Literature and Criticism
ENG 600
Linguistics and the History of the English Language
ENG 620
Classical Tragedy
ENG 700
ENG 711
Studies in Shakespeare
ENG 742
Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG 761
The Nineteenth-Century Novel
ENG 762
Victorian Literature
ENG 764
Images of Women in Modern American Literature
ENG 770
Literature for Young Adults
ENG 772
American Fiction in the Twentieth Century
ENG 773
Postcolonial Literature
ENG 781
Irish Literature
ENG 980
Graduate Internship in English
ENG 981
ENG 990
Special Topics
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