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BUS 100
Introduction to Business
BUS 115
Personal Financial Planning and Management
BUS 130
The Legal Environment of Business
BUS 150
Introduction to Information Systems
BUS 201
Principles of Financial Accounting
BUS 202
Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUS 210
BUS 220
Principles of Management
BUS 230
Principles of Finance
BUS 240
Principles of Marketing
BUS 320
Operations Management
BUS 410
The Role of Business in Contemporary American Society
BUS 465
Business Internship II
BUS 470
Business Policy and Strategy
BUS 605
Introduction to Project Management
BUS 606
Advanced Project Management
BUS 618
Seminar in Career Insights and Development in Sports, Entert...
BUS 619
Business and Corporate Communications Strategies in Sports,...
BUS 622
Seminar in Business Continuity and Risk Management
BUS 692
Special Topics Planning, Implementing and Evaluating E-Learn...
BUS 696
Risk, Disaster, and Business Continuity Management
BUS 698
MBA Internship
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