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BIO 100
Foundations of Biology
BIO 101
General Biology 1
BIO 102
General Biology 2
BIO 108
Body Structure and Function
BIO 111
Infectious Diseases
BIO 116
The Brain in Health and Disease
BIO 125
Environmental Science I
BIO 128
Principles of Nutrition
BIO 148
Exercise Science
BIO 201
Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity
BIO 206
Introduction to Botany
BIO 211
Classical Genetics
BIO 225
Environmental Science II: Environmental Geology
BIO 238
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
BIO 239
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
BIO 314
BIO 316
BIO 399
Cell Biology
BIO 406
BIO 419
Biochemistry: Proteins and Metabolism
BIO 420
Biochemistry Laboratory
BIO 440
Research 1
BIO 445
Internship in Biology
BIO 446
Internship in Biology
BIO 450
BIO 480
Molecular Biology
BIO 481
Molecular Biology Lab
BIO 490
Special Topics in Modern Biology
BIO 520
Ecology and Population Biology
BIO 650
Current Studies in Cell Biology I
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