MUS 259 - University Symphony Orchestra

Study and performance of standard and contemporary orchestra literature. Notes:Open to all students. Four class hours a week for strings, three class hours a week for all others. Music majors must participate in ensembles at least seven semesters of their baccalaureate program Students who participate in ensembles must register for zero or one credit. Freshman music majors and declared music minors, until they have accumulated a minimum of 12 semester hours of university credit, may enroll and participate in a maximum of two ensembles only. All ensembles are included in this maximum. Exceptions must have final approval of the chairperson of the Department of Music. Each transfer student must complete a minimum of two credit hours of ensemble participation at Indiana State University before graduation. All music students should refer to the curricular patterns for information concerning ensemble requirements. *Open to graduate students. Graduate students are required to do additional work of a research nature.
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