COLLS 104 - Freshman Seminar In Social And Historical Studies

Introduction to college-level projects chosen from social and historical studies fields. Students will learn how scholars frame questions, propose answers, and assess the validity of competing approaches in a small-class experience with a faculty member. Writing and related skills are stressed. Topics will vary. Class Notes: TOPIC : Food for Thought: Food Policy and Poverty from Local to Global Above class open to Freshmen only Above class fulfills the College (CASE) Critical Approaches requirement Above class credit given for only one of COLL-C 104 or S 104 Above class meets July 30 - August 14. For further information, contact the Intensive Freshman Seminar office at (812) 855-3839. Above class requires permission of Department COLL (CASE) S&H Breadth of Inquiry credit. Add Consent: Department Consent Required.
COLL (CASE) S&H Breadth of Inquiry credit
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