CHEMS 343 - Organic Chemistry I Laboratory, Honors

Special course for students with unusually good aptitude or preparation, covering same subject matter as C343. Class Notes: S 343 : P - CHEM-C 127 and C 341 or S 341. P or C: C 342 or S 342. S 343 : Required for BS Chem and BS Biochem; option for BA Chem and students in chemistry honors track S 343 : Students enrolled in a lab course must pass the Laboratory Safety Agreement quiz and have a pair of approved chemical and splash protective safety goggles S 343 :Tuesday evening mid-term exam required 7:15-9:15pm, Oct 15 ++No alternative Final Exam options will be considered ++Consult Final Examination Schedule to avoid conflicts Above class requires special fee - See fee page. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: CHEM-C 341 or CHEM-S 341.
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