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MSE 101
Materials in Today's World
MSE 182
Introduction to MatSE
MSE 183
Freshman Materials Laboratory
MSE 199
Undergraduate Open Seminar
MSE 201
Phases and Phase Relations
MSE 206
Mechanics for MatSE
MSE 280
Engineering Materials
MSE 304
Electronic Properties of Matls
MSE 307
Materials Laboratory I
MSE 308
Materials Laboratory II
MSE 395
Materials Design
MSE 396
Introduction to Research
MSE 397
Independent Study
MSE 401
Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 402
Kinetic Processes in Materials
MSE 403
Synthesis of Materials
MSE 404
Alloy Design & Performance
MSE 405
Microstructure Determination
MSE 406
Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls
MSE 420
Ceramic Materials & Properties
MSE 421
Ceramic Processing
MSE 422
Electrical Ceramics
MSE 440
Mechanical Behavior of Metals
MSE 441
Metals Processing
MSE 443
Design of Engineering Alloys
MSE 445
Corrosion of Metals
MSE 450
Polymer Science & Engineering
MSE 453
Plastics Engineering
MSE 455
Macromolecular Solids
MSE 456
Mechanics of Composites
MSE 457
Polymer Chemistry
MSE 458
Polymer Physics
MSE 460
Electronic Materials I
MSE 461
Electronic Materials II
MSE 466
Materials In Electrochem Syst
MSE 470
Design and Use of Biomaterials
MSE 473
Biomolecular Materials Science
MSE 474
Biomaterials and Nanomedicine
MSE 480
Surfaces and Colloids
MSE 481
Electron Microscopy
MSE 485
Atomic Scale Simulations
MSE 487
Materials for Nanotechnology
MSE 488
Optical Materials
MSE 489
Matl Select for Sustainability
MSE 492
Lab Safety Fundamentals
MSE 497
Independent Study
MSE 498
Solid State Ionics
MSE 499
Senior Thesis
MSE 500
Statistical Thermodyn of Matls
MSE 529
Hard Materials Seminar
MSE 559
Soft Materials Seminar
MSE 580
Diffraction Physics of Matls
MSE 581
Advanced Electron Microscopy
MSE 582
Surface Physics
MSE 583
Dynamics of Complex Fluids
MSE 584
Point and Line Defects
MSE 590
Research Seminars
MSE 595
Materials Colloquium
MSE 597
Independent Study
MSE 598
Transport in Polymers
MSE 599
Thesis Research
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