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CSE 401
Numerical Analysis
CSE 402
Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg
CSE 408
Applied Parallel Programming
CSE 412
Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs
CSE 414
CSE 422
Computer System Organization
CSE 423
Operating Systems Design
CSE 426
Software Engineering I
CSE 427
Interactive Computer Graphics
CSE 428
Statistical Computing
CSE 429
Software Engineering II
CSE 440
Statistical Data Management
CSE 441
Introduction to Optimization
CSE 448
Advanced Data Analysis
CSE 450
Computational Mechanics
CSE 451
Finite Element Analysis
CSE 461
Computational Aerodynamics
CSE 485
Atomic Scale Simulations
CSE 498
Intro to Digital Materials
CSE 510
Numerical Methods for PDEs
CSE 511
Iterative & Multigrid Methods
CSE 512
Parallel Numerical Algorithms
CSE 517
Adv Finite Element Methods
CSE 521
Computer Architecture
CSE 522
Parallel Computer Architecture
CSE 525
Computational Statistics
CSE 527
Scientific Visualization
CSE 530
Computational Electromagnetics
CSE 532
Numerical Circuit Analysis
CSE 542
Statistical Learning
CSE 543
Topics In Image Processing
CSE 551
Finite Element Methods
CSE 552
Nonlinear Finite Elements
CSE 553
Computational Inelasticity
CSE 560
Computational Fluid Mechanics
CSE 566
Numerical Fluid Dynamics
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