UKRA AB - Elementary Ukrainian II

An introductory course in modern Ukrainian language and culture, designed for students without previous knowledge who would like to speak Ukrainian or use the language for reading and research. All four major communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing) are stressed. Students are exposed to Ukrainian culture through work with prose and poetry as they learn to use the language both as a means of communication and as a tool for reading and research.This year-long full course satisfies the foreign language requirement and prepares students for continued study of Ukrainian in intermediate-level courses and for study or travel abroad in Ukraine. Part two of a two-part series. Notes: This course will be offered MWF with 75 min class meetings. The department will make an effort to schedule the course based on the availability of interested students.Please contact the course instructor or the Interim Director of the Slavic Language Program, Veronika Egorova (, with any questions. For information on meetings during the first week of classes, please see - - - Part two of a two-part series. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Ukrainian AA in the fall and Ukrainian AB in the spring within the same academic year. - - - See language course notes on the Slavic Department website for information about sectioning, pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and auditing: Prerequisite UKRA AA Course site:
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