ITAL 80 - Visions of Poetry

A creative and critical exploration of poetry through image-making practice, this course investigates the great works of modern and contemporary Italian poetry through a process of cross-media translation. Among the questions the course will seek to answer are the following: What makes a text or film poetic? How do words and images evoke sensory experience? What is the fundamental task of the translator and what does it mean to “translate” from one medium to another? Students will create regular short video pieces in response to these foundational questions and to works studied. Inspiration will be drawn from filmmakers both within the Italian canon, such as Antonioni and De Seta, and without, such as Gehr and Brakhage. Major poets studied may include Marinetti, Ungaretti, Montale, Pasolini and Rosselli. Notes: Conducted in Italian. Course site:
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