ITAL 10 - Beginning Italian I: Pathways to Italy

For students with little or no knowledge of Italian. Aims at achieving basic communication skills and vocabulary. Emphasis on oral expression and listening comprehension. The cultural component examines everyday life through a comparative perspective: families, shopping, food culture. This course will give you the language you need to communicate effectively in Italy, and is the best way to prepare for a summer study in Italy. Course materials include workbook, audio-lab, and video. Notes: Conducted in Italian. Students whose placement score does not entitle them to enter a more advanced course are assigned to Italian 10. Students who have studied Italian for two years or more in secondary school must begin at Italian 11 or higher. May not be taken Pass/Fail but may be taken Sat/Unsat by GSAS students. Not open to auditors. This course is taught by members of the Department. Course site:
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