INDP 525 - Community Engagement in Health Care

Students may add themselves to the waiting list for this course during add/drop periods but not during lottery periods. Please contact Dr. Nancy Oriol, 617-432-1570,, for approval to enroll. The goal of this Community Engagement Clerkship is to transform the students' understanding of the principles of the social determinants of health from theoretical to actionable. This is a 4-week elective with two parallel but coordinated community-engagement activities. 1) An experiential component involving 4 weeks, fulltime immersion in a community organization; 2) A mentored didactic component of 5-10 additional hours of reading, discussion and reflection, under the direction of a Faculty Mentor. Our overall pedagogical approach is to combine deliberate apprenticeship to a community-based organization, organizations� authentic expertise in their work, and the intrinsic motivation and commitment of the students interested in this clerkship. IMMERSION COMPONENT: Students will be assigned to ONE of 3 community-based organizations: Health Care for the Homeless, The Family Van, or Health Care Without Walls. The student will be integrated into the work of the assigned organization. The immersion activities will generally include: direct interaction with patients (25%); mentoring by the organization leadership(25%); structured interactions with program stakeholders (25%); and introduction to the organization CQI, outcomes assessment and research (25%). (see site descriptions in Appendix) MENTORED ONLINE CURRICULUM COMPONENT: Students will be assigned a Faculty Mentor who will guide the student's review of the online curriculum. The online curriculum has 10 modules related to the principles and practice of community engagement. The modules include readings, videos and other didactic materials. The first week has required material, thereafter the student picks from one of the 10 online modules. The chosen module sets the topic for a short weekly reflection essay and discussion with the Faculty Mentor. As appropriate, the Faculty Mentor will e-introduce the student to Expert Consultants for further discussion. In addition, the student will pick one topic for a final project: a 2-3 page written reflection paper and an oral presentation. Course site:
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