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IMMUN 315QC - Therapeutic Human Antibody Engineering

This quarter course will focus on all aspects of therapeutic antibody (Ab) engineering from bench to bedside with an emphasis on translational research. Short lectures will introduce the topics of the day, reviews and seminal papers will be provided. Ab discovery will include readings on in vitro microbial discovery platforms such as Ab-phagemid and Ab yeast display as well as single B cell cloning strategies. Current state of the art of human Ig locus transgenic mice will be discussed. Engineering strategies will include chimeric, humanized and human Abs, and different formats including single chain Abs (scFvs), domain Abs, BITES and Bi-specific Abs. Human Fc engineering to increase or decrease immune-mediated clearance will be discussed including glycan engineering. Manipulating engineered Ab in vivo clearance through size and FcRn interactions will be discussed. We will also discuss nanobodies, antibody drug conjugates and immunotoxins and chimeric antigen receptors. Classes will start with short didactic lectures followed by discussion of 2-3 published papers. Notes: Must be a MS or PhD student at Harvard or postdoctoral fellow otherwise course director permission will be needed to enroll. Course site:
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