AFVS 99A - Tutorial - Senior Year (Thesis/Senior Project)

All students wishing to undertake an AFVS 99 project,either a senior thesis or senior project, must have permission of the project adviser, chosen by the student, before being considered. The Director of Undergraduate Studies and the AFVS Honors Board must approve all AFVS 99 projects and theses in advance. Part one of a two part series. Notes: The first term of the AFVS 99: Senior Thesis/Project should always be AFVS 99A. If you are beginning your thesis or project off-cycle, meaning, in the spring term, enroll in AFVS 99A. Optional for senior concentrators. Students must be enrolled in AFVS 99 to do a thesis. Students should arrange regular tutorial meetings with their project adviser. Senior theses and projects are led by individual faculty members; however the Director of Undergraduate Studies approves AFVS 99 in each student's Crimson Cart. Course site:
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