AFVS 188G - Postwall German Cinema

Filmmakers from the Federal Republic of Germany like Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog, and Wim Wenders would become internationally prominent during the 1970s and lauded for their formal experimentation, stylistic allure, and political outspokenness. What happened, though, after the demise of the so-called New German Cinema in the early eighties and the fall of the wall in 1989? This class will focus on postwall German cinema and discuss a rich sampling of features from a very seismic and eventful decade, the 1990s. Our weekly sessions will probe the textual idiosyncrasies of representative films as well as their socio-political determinations. We will look at mainstream offerings as well as arthouse entries, probing commercial features that seek to optimize their popular appeal as well as more ambitious works that speak out, act out, and take exception. In this way, we will gain an appreciation for the variety of voices within the media ecology of this national cinema, its hearty blend of affirmation, dissent, and diversity. This course will seek to foster students' ability both to fathom the formal workings and historical meanings of films as well as to enhance their analytical capacities and critical skills. Notes: This course is equivalent to AFVS 188G. Credit may be earned for German 153 or AFVS 188G, but not both. No previous course work in film studies nor any knowledge of German is required or presumed. Course site:
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