POPR 5312 - Political Advocacy

Builds on the concepts and interventions introduced in the Macro Foundation Practice course. Political decision-making groups, including executive, legislative, judicial and private agency decision-making. The ways macro practitioners use power and political analysis is discussed. Emphasis is on the design, implementation and evaluation of a political advocacy strategy to improve the life situations of populations at risk, such as lobbying, preparing and delivering testimony to a public policy making group and forming and maintaining coalitions. Ethical requirements and dilemmas in doing political advocacy are integrated throughout the course. Required course for students in both the Community Organization and the Policy Practice concentrations. The co-requisites for this course differ for each of these concentrations. Enrollment Requirements: Open to students in Community Organization and Policy Practice concentrations. Corequisite: FED 5311; Community Organization students also take CORG 5354 concurrently, Policy Practice students also take POPR 5354 concurrently. (RG5720).
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