POPR 5302 - Policy Practice: Careers, Contexts, and Quantitative Analysis

Begins with content on career planning. Students will be helped to understand the complexity of social service funding, including the sources of funds and the mechanisms for transferring funds to social service programs, including federal and state tax policies and implication for social service programs. Critical current issues such as the growth of faith-based and profit-making social service strategies will be debated. Other topics will include the use of the media and public relations expertise, cutting edge social theories, micro and macroeconomic theories, and global economic policies and how they impact social service policies. Students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to integrate and critically evaluate their practice skills as they prepare to leave the program. Emphasis will be given to the use of policy practice intervention strategies to achieve distributive justice and effective service policies for populations at risk. Ethical requirements and dilemmas in policy practice will be integrated throughout the course. Required course for students in the Policy Practice concentration. Enrollment Requirements: POPR 5353; open to Social Work MSW students in the Policy Practice concentration. Corequisite: POPR 5354 and FED 5311.
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