POPR 5301 - Policy Practice: Process and Finances

The definition of policy practice, the phases of policy practice and the skills needed for policy practice especially advanced analytical and interactional skills, including the conscious use of self in practice, as well as persistence, creativity, and pragmatism and taking appropriate risks in the pursuit of policy practice goals. Other content includes the use of large data sets, data management systems, quantitative analysis, qualitative methods, especially focus groups. Emphasis is given to the use of policy practice to achieve distributive justice and implement and evaluate effective social service policies for populations at risk. Ethical requirements and dilemmas in policy practice are integrated throughout. Required course for students in the Policy Practice concentration. Enrollment Requirements: BASC 5390 and 5391, and FED 5351; or POPR 5353 for Advanced Standing students; open to MSW students in Policy Practice concentration. Corequisite: FED 5302 and 5352, or POPR 5354 and FED 5311 for Advanced Standing students.
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