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CRJ 301
US Cyber Security Law and Policy Seminar
CRJ 302
Global Cyber Security Law and Policy Seminar
CRJ 303
Cyber Security and Ethics Sem
CRJ 304
Cyber Security in Public Organizations
CRJ 305
The Criminal Justice System
CRJ 306
Fundamentals of Criminal Law
CRJ 307
Cybr Espionage, Terror & Hack
CRJ 332
CRJ 333
Race, Class & Crime in America
CRJ 335
Substance Abuse & Crime in America
CRJ 340
Juvenile Justice
CRJ 406
Cyber Intellig and Nat'l Secur
CRJ 407
Frnsc & Crim Scn Invstg
CRJ 408
Cyber Crime and Homeland Secur
CRJ 409
Criminalistics of Cybercrime
CRJ 410
Issues in Law Enforcement
CRJ 411
Homeland Security
CRJ 414
Cyber Secur & Global Cyber War
CRJ 416
Terrorism & Nat'l Security Mgt
CRJ 417
Law Enforcement in Security
CRJ 418
Emerg Prep & Secur Mgt
CRJ 419
Cyber Secur in Private Organiz
CRJ 428
Child Abuse and Neglect
CRJ 499
Senior Practicum
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