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CVT 220 - Intro to Cardiac Sonography

Provides students with a thorough introduction to cardiac anatomy and function of the adult heart. This course gives the student an overview of echocardiographic scanning equipment including transducers, image display, and storage. Concepts of cardiac ultrasound diagnostic, qualitative, and quantitative techniques including 2D, M-Mode, Color Doppler and Doppler Echocardiography are thoroughly covered. In addition, instrument controls including power, gain, compression, and focal zone are covered, as well as the presentation of normal and abnormal cardiac pathologies. The laboratory component provides an introduction to echocardiography examinations including proper techniques, image acquisition and probe manipulation. Students manipulate equipment controls to optimize image quality and acquire diagnostic images. They also utilize digital technology while performing standard 2D and M-Mode examinations. Students must perform a complete 2D and M-Mode echocardiogram with limited Doppler according to established lab standards. Finally, ethics, professionalism, current job descriptions for the cardiac sonographer, and the code of ethics are presented. Enrollment is restricted to students in the Cardiovascular Sonography AS program. A course fee is required. Prerequisite: CVT 221 & 222 with grades of C or higher. Corequisite: CVT 219 & 223.
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