HSVC 203 - Fieldwork and Integrative Seminar II

This course is a continuation of Field Work I. Students, under faculty supervision, are placed for a second semester, one day per week in human service or health care settings, where they continue to learn first-hand about agency structure and function, the activities of health and human service professionals, and the application of health and human service skills. Settings include community centers, advocacy organizations, hospitals and health-related facilities, family service agencies, community residences for the developmentally disabled, senior citizen centers, homeless shelters, child psychiatry clinics, etc. A one-hour weekly integrative class session advances students' understanding of the world of health and human service work in urban communities. The agency experience is supported through group discussion as well as written assignments. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: HSVC 103, HSVC 113, & HSVC 201.
Clinical Preparation Practicum
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