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ARST 3001
Beginning Glassblowing I
ARST 3012
Intermediate Glass Blowing II
ARST 3021
Adv Drawing I
ARST 3031
Beg Printmaking I
ARST 3042
Intermediate Printmaking II
ARST 3071
Beg Sculpture I
ARST 3081
Beginning Photography I
ARST 3082
Intermediate Sculpture II
ARST 3092
Intermediate Photo II
ARST 3141
Beginning Ceramics I
ARST 3152
Ceramics II, Intermediate
ARST 3170
Beginning Digital Arts I
ARST 3241
Beg Painting I
ARST 3252
Intermediate Painting II
ARST 4003
Photo Communications III
ARST 4004
Advanced Sculpture IV
ARST 4014
Photographic Illustration IV
ARST 4023
Adv Glass Blowing III
ARST 4025
Photography V
ARST 4032
Advanced Drawing II
ARST 4034
Adv Glass Blowing IV
ARST 4053
Adv Printmaking III
ARST 4064
Adv Printmaking IV
ARST 4093
Adv Sculpture III
ARST 4163
Ceramics III Advanced
ARST 4170
Intermediate Digital Arts II
ARST 4171
Advanced Digital Arts III
ARST 4172
Advanced Digital Arts IV
ARST 4174
Ceramics IV Advanced
ARST 4263
Advanced Painting III
ARST 4274
Advanced Painting IV
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